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DIY Dalmatian Wall



I have always loved interiors and following trends within fashion and homeware and since moving into my first home with my partner I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I worked within homewares and interior design for a year in 2018 and loved seeing fabulous patterns and bold colours on display. I searched the web on how to create a Dalmatian print feature wall and I was keen to cut costs and do it myself. Since posting images of the finished result on my Instagram, I have had lots of kind messages asking what I used and how. Here are my tips and tricks and mini tutorial on how to Dalmatian print your walls…

Firstly, I looked into different options such as wallpaper, stickers and vinyl for the feature wall in this room, however with the walls having lining paper on which were slightly textured we couldn’t use vinyl or stickers as the surface needed to be flat. Plus with the amount of stickers I needed it was going to be pretty costly. I came across Ideal Stencils online and thought I would defiantly like to give it a go, I ordered the ‘Dalmatian Spots Pattern Stencil’ in a large (37x54cm) which was £22.99. I started by painting the base of the wall, for this we used Dulux Rock Salt which worked really well giving it a bright clean surface to work from. Once dried, I got masking tape and the stencil and began to work! I used a standard black wall paint for the Dalmatian dots but it has been advised you can also use spray paint if desired. I started where the bed would ideally be placed as a practise run and I quickly learnt less paint it more effective, I had applied too much paint and it had run under the stencil creating blotchy patches instead of the pretty dots I wanted. With this in mind I started again and gently brushed over the stencil using minimal paint creating a better effect and less mess, I used a brush for this but rollers can also be used.

Dependant on the size of your wall, this is a very time consuming process as you need to allow parts to dry before going over to fill in the gaps. As shown on the image above you can see the shape of the stencil take place and gaps in between. Once dots began to dry I went over this and filled it in allowing it to look more natural and the pattern I had wanted to create. Throughout this process I had to clean and dry the stencil a few times to make sure there was no excess paint printing onto the wall but this wasn’t a problem. One of my main tips would be to have spare paint of the white/base colour to touch up the edges, messy dots or smudges once the black paint has dried. I had a Dulux sample left over which was great as it had a tiny roller on the end allowing me to get into all those little spaces in between the dots.

Overall, I am in love with the look I have created and would highly recommend the Dalmatian Spot stencil from Ideal Stencil. This is in no way an ad or promotion I am just really happy with the overall outcome. It is time consuming and a bit faffy but once you get into the swing of it and multiple tea breaks it is fine. On our other walls we have blush pink and emerald green which I think compliments everything really well. Below I will list some other alternatives which may work to achieve those stunning Dalmatian print feature walls! Any questions please just pop me and email on

A new brand to the small business world is Jes Rose. Jes Rose is all about transforming ‘boring to beautiful’ and has created her own vinyl range to inspire others to up-cycle furniture and interiors. Since her apartment, Loft NQ, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter gained her thousands of followers and collaborations within the homeware industry, Jes is here to help others make their house a home on small budgets. With trends and bold patterns at the heart of Jes Rose, she has brought out a Dalmatian print vinyl in multiple colour-ways. I have personally ordered the ‘Pink and White’ Dalmatian print vinyl to up-cycle two bedside tables and the quality is amazing. The colour ways available in this print are: Classic DalmatianGreen and Pink Dalmatian and Pink Dalmatian. These vinyls can be placed on walls, glass and any flat surface and are just £18 a metre.

Here is another alternative by Sweet Pea Wall Design. As shown above, the Etsy seller has created self adhesive removable wallpaper. I am not 100% the details on this whether it is like a vinyl style finish but it defiantly looks the part! Prices for this paper range from £23.56-£77.42 dependant on the sizes/quantities needed. Again, I did look at this option but for me it was too costly but I really do love the finish on this and would be great for a more temporary solution whilst the Dalmatian print is on trend.

And lastly, Dalmatian Spot Wall Stickers by Bairn Designs. This is a great alternative for those who do not fancy getting the paint brush out with a non-mess solution to create that desired look! With sticker sheets starting at just £9.50, you can easily add them to flat surfaces and remove when the next trend hits, great for rental properties too. I personally think the amount of stickers you would need would depend on the space and finished look therefore unsure whether this, the stencil or vinyl would be the most affordable option.

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