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Ljus Juices and Kitchen



Ljus Juices and Kitchen is a local business within Halifax, West Yorkshire, specialising in organic juices and produce. Ljuis Juices and Kitchen home-grow all their organic fruit, vegetables and herbs at a local allotment where the real magic happens! After the Christmas and New Year craziness, my winter body needed a complete reset after indulging in lots of naughty treats and excess amounts of alcohol ( I know many of you can relate, no judgment here). Since January, I have been back on my health and fitness regime with the aim of dropping some weight in a healthy way and upping my fitness and well-being levels. Since dropping my calories back down to a normal rate instead of inhaling approx 5,000 calories a day, drinking more water and eating more veggies, trying out Ljus Juices was so welcome.  These juices are created to do the following:

Boost your immune system.

Detox & cleanse.

Reset your body.

Increase your vitamins & minerals.

Antioxidants & anti-inflammatory.

^ all five juices in glass jars.

Now before I start telling you all about my experience with these juices, I just want to clear up a few stigmas on ‘influencing‘ health products. I am very much against promoting something that is about ‘quick fixes’, ‘skinny teas’ and so many more industry propaganda that are very unhealthy and damaging to health and mental health. These juices are not a magic, weight-loss, potion that will drop the lbs after one day. They are not used for weight-loss and have so many other positive benefits. You can still eat healthy meals along side them and depending on your goals feel healthier in the process from the vitamins and extracts. As I work in an office, I do not burn a lot of energy so I chose to juice on my ‘gym day off’. I still drank lots of water in between (I drink around 3L+ a day) so surprisingly the juices gave me energy and I didn’t feel hungry in-between. I would not recommend exercising on these due to the lack of carbohydrates and calories and if you have an active job I would defiantly recommend some healthy snacks in-between.

^celery, cucumber, kale, apple, lemon, mint and ginger > sweet potato, carrot, orange, ginger and turmeric.

I had five juices throughout the day and they were hand delivered in the loveliest glass jars. I thought this was a nice touch instead of plastic bottles. I was advised which order to drink them in for the best results and at what times. I started with the green detox juice, this had the following ingredients: Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Apple, Lemon, Mint and Ginger. I drank this with a healthy breakfast and I was so pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted. The vibrant green juice tasted sweet at first, almost like kiwi and apple followed by a fiery zing of ginger! It was really smooth in texture too and very easy to drink, defiantly not what I was expecting for something so…green.

^pineapple, basil and lime > pink grapefruit, orange, ginger and turmeric > beetroot, pear, lemon, celery and cucumber.

At around 11:30am I had my second juice, this was a Sweet Potato, Carrot, Orange, Ginger and Turmeric blend. This was a bright orange juice which again tasted sweet with hints of ginger but also orange and carrot. I am a fan of sweet potato but the thought of drinking it was a bit like, ermmm…but it totally mixed in with the flavours and just added to the sweetness, I would never of guessed a potato would of been in their if I hadn’t of known. I really liked this juice and I think it was my favourite out of the five juices. This was then followed by Pineapple, Basil and Lime at 2pm. This juice was very zingy with the sourness of the lime coming through but levelled out nicely by the pineapple, so again it was very pleasant and easy to drink.

The last two juices I had were Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Ginger and Turmeric followed by Beetroot, Pear, Lemon, Celery and Cucumber. These were probably my least favourite out of the five juices and when I do the detox again I may substitute the first two for these. They were still drinkable but the grapefruit was slightly bitter as well as the beetroot and I preferred the sweeter fruitier flavours. I drank the Pink Grapefruit juice at tea time along side a healthy meal and the Beetroot blend before bed. Overall, it was great to get some local, homegrown goodness into my diet for a day and I would defiantly consider doing this again before the winter seasons for a vitamin booster! I don’t take any detox/vitamin style supplements so this is a good way get those in and keep the common colds away. If anyone would like to know more about Ljus Juices and Kitchen or practise in some great health and wellbeing tips, then head over to her Instagram here.

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