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Spirit Of Harrogate


The Spirit of Harrogate, best known for being the home of Slingsby gin was most defiantly an experience to remember! Or not remember, depending on how many gins you intend on having. If you’re like me and love gin, then i’m sure you will take advantage of the wide selection of gins on offer from well known Yorkshire brands to worldwide spirits! So where to start with this truly unique, educating, experience which will leave you feeling like a real gin connoisseur and all round enthusiast! For me, I never really liked gin until the big gin craze started a couple of years ago and I set myself the challenge to try and get into the drink that had everybody wild! I know right, a challenge to become a gin drinker? Forget your marathons and job promotions, my goal was set! Fast forward to the present were the gin industry has boomed, I introduce to you The Spirit of Harrogate

The Spirit of Gin package included ‘4 drinks per guest and nibbles’ with intervals of fun and energetic history lessons on gin. Now, i’m not sure about you but when I think ‘nibbles’ I think of a few crisps, dips and the odd cheese and biscuit. What the amazing team did was anything but that exceeding all expectations with a whole selection of cheeses, breads and Italian meats making it a hearty antipasto style selection. After a warm welcome by the Slingsby team we was greeted with our first gin, the classic London Dry Gin, all drinks were professionally garnished with complimentary botanical’s and flavored tonics served in traditional style goblets. Even though technically the experience claims you have 4 inclusive drinks within the chosen package, it is pretty much unlimited within the 2.5 hours you’re there with the option to try vodka’s, whiskys and any other spirit which takes your fancy! So if you’re not the biggest gin fan or the double measures get too much for you there are other options available too.

Slingsby recently added a new gin to there ever growing collection and this one has a real tang to it! The Gooseberry Gin has a delicious, refreshing, sharpness to it which I only typically tried because it was new and is made using local Yorkshire gooseberry’s and world famous Harrogate aquifer water. With gins flowing and other gin enthusiasts socializing and bonding over food and drinks, the team poured us with knowledge and fun facts that really gives you those light bulb moments! The team couldn’t of been more attentive and friendly making sure our glasses were never empty and our experience was to the fullest, if you’re looking for a great way to spend the evening the Spirit of Harrogate is truly loved by me.

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