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Upcycling With Jes Rose Vinyl


Every time I post a picture of my dalmatian print inspired bedroom, I always get asked “where are your bedside tables from?”  the easy answer is, I upcycled them. Upcycling has proved to be a fun and affordable way to jazz up old homewares and add a personal touch to furniture needing a little more love. I am personally a sucker for seeing before and after pictures on peoples projects and learning new tips and tricks along the way. I have always loved interiors and following the latest trends, but never had anywhere to channel my ideas up until recently. Since moving into our first home last summer, Instagram like many has become a platform for me to gain inspiration and one of my favourite accounts was and still is Loft NQ. Loft NQ is focused on upcycling homeware on a budget and her well known ‘Facebook Finds’. Jes from Loft NQ turned her passion into a reality and introduced her business, Jes Rose Vinyl

“If you’re bored of your plain side table or fed up with your drab rented kitchen, then you need the new Jes Rose collection. You’ll be able to give those pieces of furniture a new lease of life. Our mission is to encourage our customers to shop more savvy, by avoiding unnecessary furniture purchases with a hefty price tag. All designs are original and printed here in the North West, UK” – Jes Rose

Getting Started

So, where to start! I had a pair of these old bedside tables from IKEA that I had when living in my family home. I bought them a couple of years ago for around £20-£30 each I think. They no longer stock them, but to be honest, I really wouldn’t recommend them. They’re metal, flimsy and mainly just for show. This bedroom is our spare bedroom, so as they’re never really in use and just for display, I thought the perfect solution would be vinyl. The running theme through out the bedroom is of course dalmatian print, pink and greens so I started to measure up and get started. The vinyl comes in lengths of 60cm x 1 metre and I only needed 1 metre of each pattern to cover both bedside tables.

Picking Your Vinyl

Once I knew my measurements and quantities needed, I scrolled through and picked my vinyl. I went for the Dalmatian Pink which was £22 per metre and the Forest Green which was £12 per metre. I loved how they complimented each other and knew they would work well against the bold black and white pattern wall. I wanted the pink dalmatian to be the main focus but the forest green worked really well as almost a dark boarder for the pattern to stand out. The vinyl arrived quickly and came well packaged rolled up within a tube, so once they arrived I laid them out flat over night ready to get started the following day.

Applying The Vinyl

I found when applying the vinyl organisation was key. With only 1 metre of each design to cover 2 bedsides, I had to be savvy with my measurements and cutting. When applying the vinyl I would recommend the following equipment: Tape measure, pencil, sand paper, old bank card. I started by measuring the surfaces I wanted to cover, on the reverse of the vinyl was a grid to draw the measurements onto ensuring straight lines when cutting. I used the template to cut the shape needed, then put it against the surface being covered and slowly peeled off the removable backing. Whilst peeling I took the old bank card and pushed out any air bubbles making it smooth and secure ready for the next section.

One thing I did love about using the vinyl was if you made a mistake and needed to adjust the positioning you could simply just peel it off and start again without losing the sticky-ness of the product. I suggested sandpaper paper because if you apply the vinyl and there is few centimetres over hang on that section, I found sanding the vinyl down a better finish than cutting it to avoid blunt edges, but that is just my personal preference and not essential to the process. It is time consuming for sure, but once you get into it the easier it becomes and well worth it at the end. Plus, I actually found it really therapeutic and rewarding once it was all complete.

The End Result

I just about managed with the amount of vinyl I had but I probably should of got another metre just in case. There really wasn’t any room for error and I did not vinyl the back of the bedside tables as like I said, they’re mainly just for show. By overall I am so so happy with how these bedside tables look and the quality of the vinyl really is amazing. The bedside tables have been covered in vinyl for around 6 months now and they have never ever peeled or shown any sign of peeling. They’re really easy to clean and wipe down too which is a great factor within the product for me.

So, What's Next?

I am already thinking about my next upcycle project using Jes Rose Vinyl and I love seeing her design range grow. I am aiming to add an office desk in this room soon so I will for sure be using these colours again to make them the ultimate furniture trio. Jes Rose has also recently introduced a new flooring range of vinyl which seems to be a hit already within kitchens, bathrooms and staircases. Vinyl isn’t just for furniture though, you can add it to any flat surface including walls, doors and even shower rooms with it’s long lasting waterproof features. Check out Jes Rose on Instagram or head over to her website here….

Don’t want the DIY fun to stop there? Why not check out how I created my dalmatian print feature wall for under £30…

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