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Nailing Every Occassion This Year


OMY Nails Brand Ambassador

Whether it’s gel, polish or funky nail art, your nails are the ultimate accessory you never knew you needed. Maybe you plan your nail art or colours around holidays, occasions or seasonal events. Having your nails done can be seen as a real pamper treat, and for others a monthly ritual. This blog post is to show off some funky nail art patterns and styles I have had over the past year and how you can add a little bit of nail magic into your style. As an OMY Nail brand ambassador, I have had the real pleasure of monthly nail glow ups and giving you all a little nail inspo. For anyone new to the nail gang, heres a little more info on the babes at OMY Nails

“So everyone knows that iconic scene from Legally Blonde when they’re in the nail salon and everyone is ‘bending & snapping’ right? Well OMY Nails is…a bit like that, but nail art & sassing! The nail salon is total interior goals with a retro, tropical, girly vibe that is different to any salon out there! With a nail gang trained to tackle all those wild and wonderful nail art designs and a team mascot (Elvis the dog) OMY Nails is the nail salon you never knew you needed. From nail art, gel extensions and pedicures to acrylics, mini manis and general girl talk, they’ve got you.” – Loved by Millie


Hugs & Kisses: I kickstarted the year with some mega cute nail art inspired by all things valentines. This set was created at the beginning of February to inspire all your valentine themed nail art and colours. My favourite colours at the moment have got to be are pinks, greens and i’m a sucker for Dalmatian print, so the nail gang at OMY Nails helped me combine them all together and create this fab set. I’ve gotta say, these are my favourite to date and I just love all the extra details with the fine line work and lettering within the hearts. The light pink gels as seen in the bottom right are a set I had last February using red glitter heart nail art and baby pink gel polish. They have defiantly proven to be a hit on the gram and have had such lovely comments on them over the valentines holiday.


Luck of the Irish: This set was a little different from my usual crazy nail art designs, but still super glam and glistening with simple gels. This set was inspired by my upcoming trip to Dublin, hence the green gel colour pallets. This gel was called ‘jungle’ which caught my eye straight away and the shine of the colour really did stay for the duration. For St Paddy’s Day why not add an orange, glitter, shamrock illustration on your ring finger to be on theme with the luck of the Irish. Little shout out to the ‘cherry cuticle oil pen’ too, this stuff smells unreal and when used daily defiantly helps my cuticles stay healthy within the winter months.


Spring has sprung: Take a step away from the winter months and jump right into spring with cute corals and pastel greens. Looking back on my nail looks, I think there is a clear theme that I love the colour green and patterns. I went for pretty polka dots on top of gels with the ‘Sassy & Bad Assy’ 4-6 nail art option. I really loved these two colours together and think is a really amazing set to head into spring with. 


Summer vibes: The bottom right shows something a little different with gel extensions. This is the first and only set of gel extensions I have had by the OMY Nail gang and I did love them. I never usually go for extensions because i’m clumsy and find them a little impractical compared to my natural nails, but they were fun for a change. Plus, more nail space for funky nail art. If you look closely on the gels you can see gold foil detailing and small gold gems, I loved using these for a change. In the top left you can see again cute palm leaf detailing using green gels and brush effects.


Spooky season: I wanted to go for something different from my usual bright colours but keep my love for patterns and contrasting colours. This was a great set for the spooky season using black glitters, marble effects and geometrics. One thing OMY Nails smash every time is bringing my ideas and inspirations to life! This year for Halloween, I think I will go all out with more Halloween illustrations like mini pumpkins or a vampire theme, but this themed set was great for everyday to still carry a little spook around with me. 


Christmas time: Christmas has got to be my favourite time of year, it’s something I look forward to as soon as my birthday is out of the way in September and I love the whole vibe with glitter, colour and festive events. I went all out this Christmas with bauble inspired colourful nail art. This was an intricate design which would be classed as ‘Killer Queen’ (10/intricate) upon booking. They defiantly gathered a lot of attention over the festive period and I was so sad when I had to say goodbye to them. Check out the cute candy-cane nails I had last year too.


Happy New Year: So, I know I say every set is my favourite, but this is defiantly up there with my top 3 sets. The team really did smash it on these and accept any challenge I give them. I call this set ‘twinkly lights and party popper pows’ because of the obvious reasons. I love the glitter gel base on these so much and the bright neon style colours of the ‘twinkly’ lights and party popper ‘pows’. I was ready for any party occasion over the New Year period making them still festive but not super Christmasy. 

You can stay up to date with all my latest nail styles, inspo and designs over on my instagram or book yourself a sassy and bad assy nail appointment right here…

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