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Pink n Dink



Pink n Dink are a sassy and sustainable small business new to the eco-friendly scene. It has been amazing seeing Pink n Dink flourish into a fun up and coming brand, but also building a lovely relationship with them were we can cheer each other on along the way. Last year, Pink n Dink kindly gifted me a set of their metal straws upon the launch of their signature collection. Personally, I am trying to become more sustainable in my everyday lifestyle as well as educating myself on eco-friendly products and my environmental responsibility. I am so excited for the future of this business and the products they have to offer. So, let’s find out a little bit more…


^my own images of my metal straw set in use.

Founded in London, Pink N Dink a sustainable accessory brand, that is changing the eco friendly game one straw at a time. Our aim is to fit environmentally friendly products within everyday lifestyles, in the most fun and quirkiest of ways. We love all things pink and sassy but also want to make it easier for people to do their bit for the environment without giving it a second thought. Offering sustainable products at affordable prices, we believe we can be the change and will be the change. From production to delivery, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our straws are made from stainless steel which can be recycled. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our delivery bags are 100% compostable.” – Founder of Pink n Dink.


^customer photos from social media.

Check these metal straws looking stylish and super sassy in their new customers homes. I can totally understand why everyone wants to be a part of the Pink n Dink gang, just look at how instagram-able they look? When my order arrived, it was so beautifully packaged in a pink pouch with the metal straws placed inside. They also arrived with some mini brushes which can be used to ensure your straws stay clean and shiny inside and out. I thought this was a really nice touch and would be so nice as a gift for somebody adapting to sustainable living. I selected the curved style straws in different colours, my favourite colour being the baby pink but I also love the rainbow plated metal effect with the Pink n Dink logo engraved. All the small attention to detail within the products and packaging really shines through throughout the brand and I think that is what makes this small business stand out.


I was so excited and pleased for Pink n Dink when they announced they were going to be a ‘flavour’ in June, July and Augusts edition of Vogue. Yes, Vogue! How absolutely fab is that?! It is such a great achievement for the small business, gaining real recognition for how far it is has come. Not only this, but proving sustainable products can be stylish and achieved in the UK. I can’t wait to see what else this brand has to offer in the future and how the ethos will be projected far and wide. If you don’t already, check them out at @pinkndink.

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