So you’re probably thinking ‘whats all the fuss about blogging?’¬†blogs are a great way to connect with loyal and future customers to show a little more personality behind your brand. People like to know there is a real person behind all those social media channels and website wizards so using a space to show this off can really make a difference! Blogs can be anything from news updates, special offers or tips and tricks on using your products, the possibilities are endless!

Blogs are also an effective way to rank higher on google with professional SEO, tags and keywords. The great thing about blogs is they can be sent as little and often as you like, weekly or monthly posts are designed for you to express a topic you’re excited about and share it with your audience!

As well as writing my own blogs via Loved by Millie to share a product or a brand with you guys, I am available for freelance blog and content writing. Say hello to see how we can work together.

If you are a small business, you are most likely doing everything in the business world yourself. From designing, creating and selling to packaging, finance and more. There is a lot your social audience do not see right?

If you are feeling a little blogged down and social media is becoming a chore rather than a creative outlet to show of your business, then I can help.

Social media and blogging alone can seem like a full time job with the pressures to stay connected with loyal and future customers so let me tackle to crazy social world for you.


  1. Know your audience – who are your audience and why are they tuning into your blog. Maybe you’re a retailer and your customers are looking for inspiration, styling tips or latest offers. Knowing who you’re virtually talking to will help them connect to you and your brand.
  2. Be consistent Рwhether you are blogging weekly, monthly or even annually the key is to be consistent. If you have a newsletter or social media presence, shout about your latest blog post on there to increase traffic onto your blog, this will mean traffic onto your website!
  3. Have fun – Blogs are a great outlet to show off some personality and give your readers a further insight to who you are and what inspires you. Use engaging images and add links to products/places/topics you’ve discussed.
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